Sunday, 25 December 2011

“I’ve tried to block your memory to protect me from the pain, pretend I never knew you, and never heard your name. But the walls aren’t strong enough and I fight my tears in vain. The feeling came creeping through and the hurt is still the same. I wish I could forget you, or make you see me now. The pain will ease in time, and though I know it’s over and what we had is gone, the memories will live forever in a corner of my mind.”
She: God after a long time i saw him today, he looks so happy. He didnt noticed me but i saw him smiling, he looks so fine. I know how i asked you to take care of him, to always make him safe and happy. I know how im asking you to make him feel love and even asked you to bring the right girl for him, someone who can take care of him, someone who will love him.  But why im feeling this way God? im hurting, i dont understand, i should be happy for him but im not. I feel bad, it shouldn’t be this way
God: i understand, dont worry it is natural to feel that way. You will get better, i promise.

She: but God, Why? I dont like this feelings, it feels like my heart is breaking again… It took me a years to put the pieces back together and i thought im already okay but seeing him again makes it painful again. Why?
God: because you love.
She: Does it really have to hurt? 
God: because that is how you will learn. You will be okay, can you please trust me? I am here, i will take that pain away, all you have to do is to let go, really just fully let go…everthing that is in your heart right now, that pain, anger, everything and just trust me! i am here for you. i love you.

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