Monday, 12 December 2011

Dear You

I didn’t have a good night sleep. I’m so tireeeedddd L

You don’t have to tell me whether I’m mature or not. So what if I clicked on the ‘Like’ button on my own comment ? You got a problem with that ?
Oh, you’re trying to tell me that you’re SO mature bcause you don’t  do that ? Get a life.

Do you know how I felt last night after what you’ve just said ?

This is how I felt :
If you’re infront of me, I would stab you on the face and fed em to the dogs.

Thank you for waking me up from my day dream. It’s like a slap on my face you know -_______-  Now I realize that holding onto something that will never be mine gives me nothing except the feeling for me to kill myself for being so blind and stupid.

Sorry for everything. It’s a goodbye then ? Think so. But fret not, I’ll always pray for your success in life, to be an engineer, a good friend and a son that your parents can be proud of. No one wants you to die -_- Sorry for being such a burden. You’re a nice person J

yeah. sorry

Notethat : I want you to be honest and tell me that you hate me so much.
I don’t mind J really.

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