Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hello Mathematics ! :)

Hi. I’ve never liked math. I hate it even. Every time I get stuck on a math problem and can’t figure it out, I want to crumple the stupid piece of paper and throw it across the room. Instead, I take a deep breath and try again, but in the end I still don’t understand so I give up. 

In primary school when my math teacher comes in, I will always be the LAST person to sit down. She'll ask me to come infront and solve the questions. Actually, she forces me to answer it -.-

Read more here :D seriously guys ! ----> Mathematical Quotes

Dear Maths eventhough you can drive me crazy:

yeay Biology ! :D

the answer is C !


three of em is ME !

solve it yourself, puihh

thankyou bitch

so true ! are you blind or what ? :D

DIE YOU ! -_-

that's me. RUN !

yeah : why do I have to like you ?

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