Tuesday, 17 January 2012

You Peepos

Assalamualaikum peeps :)

So, Aku nak tanya, kalau korang nampak orang obese. Apa yang korang buat ?

a) mengata
b) gelak
c) jeling 
d) biarkan je  

So, aku pergi bersiar siar kat YouTube and I found this video. An obese girl trying to do a cover for some songs. Just because she's like that doesn't mean that you can treat her the way you want. Taunting her with names and such ! Cruel world, I can say. Well, not the world actually but the peepos with tiny brains T_T 

I wanted to show you the video but I think its not nice of me to do that. Instead, I took some comments from her videos and I really want you to read and what would you feel if you're in her shoes ? I have to admit she's great cuz she doesn't even care ! Eventhough, the dislikes are like 3x the likes. I guess ? You peepos with no brains T_T

Bright comments :

  • Hi, I think that you are gorgeous, I want to know how your heart is doing. I'm 20 and I get pains in mine even though I exercise quite often atleast 2 times daily. I hope god blesses you with health. No obsticle is too far away for you. Don't ever believe that the best is not inside of you! It is in your soul. I am on another transformation in my life. Now I am working on our soul and I will see you in the kingdom. Thank you! Don't stop caring about yourself!
  • I think you did a good job...never give up :)
  • stop posting bad comments, every people have feelings! >.< maybe she loves singing, it is bad to share our talents? she just want to share her talent@.@ duhhh!!!
  • Wow the world is a mean place .
    Reading all these comments makes me feel so bad for this lady .
     everyone is awfully mean . If you don't have anything nice to say , then don't say it at all .
    Simple as that . This lady was just singing ,she didn't say that she was the best singer in the world , did she ? No. So that gives you no right to judge her cruelly . get some class you ignorant idiots .

Dark comments :
  • 25,917 peaople have the same problem like this lady
  • The abominable characters you could make in Oblivion are more attractive than this... this... piece, nay, colossus of revolting no-better-than rotting flesh.
  • You can make my dreams come true? PLeASE Dissapear from youtube.
  • Can you please stop uploading videos. To be honest your not pretty,your fat, and you don't have a good voice. All you are doing is causing people to make fun of you. Soo if you get comments saying that they think your pretty. They are lying

Okay. Look, you were born with a brain that can think of what's right and wrong. So if she loves posting her covers on YouTube then let her be ! Yang kau nak sibuk tu pasai pa ? Mintak pijak gajah sungguh korang ni kan. Eh, bukan korang laa. Orang orang lain maksud aku :)

Haih, apa apa jelah manusia ni. Tak boleh nak bagi peluang kat orang lain nak senang. Tahu lah dia takde curve mcm Fox yang tu. Haaa, kang tiba tiba dia jadi macam Fox nanti, baru kau tahu.  Pantang betul tangok benda benda macam ni, macam diri tu bagus sangat je T_T Dah dia macam tu, kau pulak nak sibuk :p

ps : Sebenarnya ada komen lagi teruk dari tu tapi aku taknak korang baca T_T
tak elok untuk otak

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