Friday, 3 August 2012

Meet Bennet

This is a cinnamon hedgehog that actually belongs to my classmate, Syafiq. 

Since he's going back to Perak, I asked him if I could take care of it til Monday. He's more than happy to pass it to me. Yeaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy ! :D

So, now this little monster is here with me (next to my laptop, hiding himself under a pastel green face towel *spesifik tak ? :p) 

The first thing I did when we arrived home was forcing him to take his bath ! -_- He doesn't each much though, no matter what kind of food I gave him. Hmm. Curls himself most of the time, sleeping, hissing, curls again. Aiyyaaa -_-

His name is not really Bennet, I just gave him that name before I went to sleep. Oh, he slept on my bed last night. Untunglah..

I think that's just it ! I'm a happy girl :D weeeeeeeeee


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