Sunday, 22 July 2012

Static Idiot

I am standing in front of a stall at palam's ramadhan bazaar, staring at the fried mushroom for long hours *hours la sangat* but it was long enough for you to do your laundry hahaha :p The weird thing was, I Qd and was at the front but I said nothing. 

Everyone behind me didn't even bother to say 'Weh, cepatla beli' or 'Pehal kau cegat je kat sini, nak beli ke tak ?'. They eventually ignored my existence and just bought the friggin mouth-watering mushroom. Oh yeah. 

Til this one girl stood next to me and asked 'Kau, nak beli apa ?'. I was shocked *and it was very well expressed at the moment* bcs I don't know her. Told her what I want and she ordered it for me. 

Still confused with what was actually happening, I stood there, looking at her, blank -.- like what the heck is this ? Is she my housemate ? my classmate ? aku ni baru bangun tdo ke ? Oh sheep, serius blank gila apahal lembap sangat nak fikir masa tu.

I got my mushroom, paid and the girl left me. I know I should say thanks to her but I was soooo confused and blankblank, so I didn't -.- but she left me with a smile. I wanted to laugh on how stupid I was, standing, staring, doing nothing. I don't know. I just love everything that happened to me this evening (: 

ps : 2nd ramadhan


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